River Flooding

by Samuel, Koriake
October 31, 2015.

2015 river flooding, Amassoma

2015 river flooding, Amassoma

One of the most frequent types of natural disasters in the world is river flooding. River flooding occurs when the volume of water in the river rise over the banks of the river and flow into the towns. A major determinant of river flooding is heavy rainfall. River flooding is an annual phenomenon in many towns, communities and villages surrounded by rivers, oceans, and seas. They are more prone to river flooding than any other Continue reading


Arts and Culture

By: Samuel, Koriake

Beautiful work of art from the Fine and Applied arts Students of Niger Delta University. Each of these sculptures illustrates the creative ingenuity of the Ijaw man both in technology, craft, and culture, etc.


The above sculpture is a quintessence of how wine is tapped from raffia palm in the Niger Delta. Accidents of course are inevitable during tapping of wine on Continue reading

A Prognosis of Overcoming Obstacles to Women Education In Nigeria


Certain man-made induced factors militated and still militates against successful women’s/or girl child education in Nigeria. Such factors entail political, cultural, social and religious attitudes of people in different Nigerian societies. These most often relegate women to the background. I will delve more on the cultural factors. Continue reading

The Impact of Christianity on the Belief System of Amassoma

Koriake Samuel                                                                                         IMG_20151023_151919-1
October, 2015
Department of Sociology and Anthropology
Faculty of Social Science Niger Delta University


Over the decades scholars have shown concern over the impact of Christianity on the traditional belief system of many people. Thus, this study was carried out to examine the impact of Christianity on the traditional belief system of Amassoma, Southern Ijaw Local Government Area, Bayelsa State. The objectives were to determine the influence of Christianity on the socio-economic development of Amassoma community and the influence of Christianity on the traditional belief system of Amassoma. Theoretically, the study used Anthropological diffusionism and cultural diffusion in particular. Cultural diffusion is the spread of elements of culture from one society to another. Methodologically, the study adopted Continue reading

The Kitchen

by Samuel, Koriake

don’t eat from a home except you see the kitchen― Samuel N. Keme
          a good kitchen impression is as good as a first impression― Koriake Samuel

For many people the Kitchen is a room or place equipped for making or preparing food. Well, they are correct but such a definition is not comprehensive. I very much like the definition given by the Cambridge Dictionary because it is comprehensive; it defines the kitchen as a room where food is kept, prepared, and cooked and where the dishes are washed! Additionally, unwashed dishes are also kept in the kitchen. The kitchen is supposed to be clean at all times. Unfortunately there are dirty kitchens in many households and food is often times prepared in such kitchens without proper sanitation. Continue reading

Education and Examination Malpractice

by Samuel, Koriake

Education should go beyond the ability to quote Shakespeare, Auguste Xavier Comte, E.B Taylor, Herbert Spencer or Karl Marx; it does not reflect original scholarship but the products of the imitation complex. A truly educated individual is one who has respect on evidence not a person, one who is psychologically emancipated…always prepared to subject his views and those of others to critical scrutiny… (Nnamdi Azikiwe).

 The above excerpt by Nnamdi Azikiwe is inclusive, with no exemption of lecturers, educators or students. From personal experience I have seen that many lecturers, educators and students are just a product of the imitation complex. Some lecturers, probably due to their self-inflicted busy schedules, hardly deliver a good lecture to the comprehension of students. This category of lecturer, and educators, with the imitation complex, are very proficient in quoting Shakespeare – they say everything in a text verbatim! Continue reading

Social Media and Moral Decadence Among Youths in Niger Delta University

by Febabor Prince Christopher
October, 2015
Department of Sociology and AnthropologyIMG_20151023_103725
Faculty of Social Science Niger Delta University


Social media is often seen as having either a positive or a negative effect to its users while this research dwells on the harmful aspect of social media, we cannot fully neglects the benefits.
Today in our society, young adults, mostly youths are often found accessing the web in every slight time they ascribe to as being leisure moment which derails their social ethics.
Hence, the main focus of this study is to investigate the effect of social media on the morality of youths while using Niger Delta University, Bayelsa State as a case study. The population of this study consists of young adults between the age of 18 and 29.
A descriptive research design of exploratory Continue reading