by Samuel, Koriake

don’t eat from a home except you see the kitchen― Samuel N. Keme
          a good kitchen impression is as good as a first impression― Koriake Samuel

For many people the Kitchen is a room or place equipped for making or preparing food. Well, they are correct but such a definition is not comprehensive. I very much like the definition given by the Cambridge Dictionary because it is comprehensive; it defines the kitchen as a room where food is kept, prepared, and cooked and where the dishes are washed! Additionally, unwashed dishes are also kept in the kitchen. The kitchen is supposed to be clean at all times. Unfortunately there are dirty kitchens in many households and food is often times prepared in such kitchens without proper sanitation. Left overs remain unwashed in plates, pots and frying pans and some people don’t even wash their stove, gas cooker and microwave  after cooking, even for days! It takes two to three days for maggots to find their way out of unwashed dishes.



Some people probably don’t have the time to sanitize their kitchen because of work, laziness, because they stay alone, because it’s not their home (in the case of some people living with friends, relatives, or even family) and to some because they feel others in the home will do it. Households with dirty kitchens are mostly from large families with children as I have noticed.

Unclean kitchens are susceptible to diseases such as diarrhea, cholera, typhoid fever, dysentery, ascariasis, polio etc. Always make sure that your kitchen is clean and be sure to inspect the kitchen of a friend or whoever’s house you are going to have a breakfast, lunch or dinner with.

Make a good kitchen impression as you endeavor to make a good first impression. First impressions take place at any time and at any given place. A friend may surprise you by bringing his/her friend to your home unexpected. They will have a negative first impression about you if they happen to find your home and kitchen unclean!


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