By: Samuel, Koriake

Beautiful work of art from the Fine and Applied arts Students of Niger Delta University. Each of these sculptures illustrates the creative ingenuity of the Ijaw man both in technology, craft, and culture, etc.


The above sculpture is a quintessence of how wine is tapped from raffia palm in the Niger Delta. Accidents of course are inevitable during tapping of wine on the palm tree. The tapper could fall down and break his spine, ribs, leg or hand etc; he could also get bitten by snake.


The Ijaw’s make and refine their own wine through locally made technology. The Sculpture above provides a graphical illustration. There is the broth where logs of wood are burned to provide heat; on top of the broth is a drum of fresh palm wine tapped from the raffia palm tree which is being heated on the broth; connected to the drum of fresh wine is a pipe where the heated wine moves as steam to be cooled by the water in the cooler; the clay pot at the other end receives the distillate which fall into the clay pot as local gin.


Here is another creative ingenuity of the Ijaw man depicted by the work of sculpture. The Ijaws make their own cooking and kitchen utensils from local technology. Mortar and pestle is made from hard wood. The whole process takes about three days to finish. Locally made mortars do not break and lasts up to fifty to hundred years. it lasts for generations!

Regatta also known as war boat was initially used for battle between two rival communities. The Regatta or war boat had canons in front of it. However, Regatta are today used during festivals, their performance add color to festivals.






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